Collab 15 : [cz043]

by Sound_00 & Lefterna

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Crna Zemlja Netlabel is pleased to welcome Sound_00 and Lefterna from Macedonia to the label.

Toni Dimitrov aka Sound_00 is the man behind post global, but also cultural producer and cultural explorer, radio host and radio activist, philosopher and communicologist, poet and mountain climber as well as sound artist, dj, designer, organiser. When at home and not traveling he is doing various projects that keeps him busy, from music that is obviously the main focus of his hectic lifestyle, but also other projects including reading and writing, radio art and field recordings, organizing sound/art events, doing design. His radio programs on radio Kanal 103 are dedicated to contemporary electronic music and political discourse. The Sound_00 sound is natural soundscape from Macedonian mountains.

Lefterna is the music project of Boban Ristevski, concentrated and based on exploring mostly the ambient/drone and industrial/noise related kinds of music. With elements of minimalism/improvisation/abstraction etc., the music is balancing between the more structured forms and the improvised approach to music.

Review of "Collab 15", review published 28 august.

Sound_00 & Lefterna – Collab 15

Crna Zemlja (cz043), 2016

I’m fascinated by musical collaborations. One reason is to see how two (or more) artists work together, meshing styles and content toward a unified goal. Another is to gain some exposure to new artists.

Sound_00 (Antonio Dimitrov) and Lefterna (Boban Ristevski) are no strangers to working together. It’s safe to assume they’ve hit it off, too, as they’ve released several single-track numbered releases, across a variety of labels and formats, including a collaborative compilation on the German label Attenuation Circuit. The latest of these is Collab 15, a twenty-minute work of drone and spliced field recording from netlabel Crna Zemlja that impresses with its cohesion, experimentation, and execution.

This is a true collaboration in that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to tell which artist is responsible for certain sounds. This is a positive thing, for you’re able to bypass attempting this kind of identification (something I’m often guilty of) and concentrate on the music itself. Collab 15 begins with a slowly approaching wave of processed noise, an abrasive grace similar to artists like Terra Sancta and Bleak Fiction, with layers being slowly added until the sound swells into a full-blown digital maelstrom. It’s immediately hypnotic and immersive, but things soon begin to change.

Dimitrov and Ristevski start to toy with the layers, dropping out the low end and letting the high-pitched distortion move into the light, before bringing the bed of drone back in. This technique provides a first-hand look at how the duo structures their ambient collage, giving insight into how the different sounds change the experiment’s identity. From a technical standpoint, this is quite fascinating.

If this was all Collab 15 did, it would be noteworthy by this merit alone. But there are surprises in store. About eight minutes in, the muted sounds of speech emerge, buried so deeply that the words cannot be distinguished. This imparts a sense of mystery to the proceedings, as I can’t help but strive to make out the words. This element is a shrewd design choice, which gives the sound increased identity and variety without feeling artificially executed. With the relative lack of a defined concept, the feeling of intrigue is thick as the noise pitches and swirls around the ghost-like mutterings; at this point, Collab 15 becomes a lost archival recording, a audio signal sourced from a time and place unknown, plucked from the detritus of the sonic ether.

As the track winds down, Lefterna and Sound_00 begin to dissolve their construction. A delicate melody appears, a brief flickering pattern of lights in the midst of the swirling disrupted air. A final burst of radio static and distant mumbling vocals, then the fifteenth collaboration pulls the plug into silence.

Given the quality and creativity displayed by Ristevski and Dimitrov on Collab 15, I find myself wishing that they’d pool their talents on a fully realized conceptual album. With plenty of teamwork in the bank, it’s pretty clear that the duo has a strong relationship. As a standalone release, however, their newest collaborative installment is a quality piece of experimental drone, showing an enviable combination of poise and technique. After listening, don’t be surprised if you find yourself doing the same thing I did: tracking down as many of the first fourteen as I could.

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Review of "Collab 15", review published 14 September :

Sound_00 & Lefterna have been collaborating to create something that I would like to describe as a journey of 20 minutes of poisonous fog. It reminded me to my travels to places that had the blue sky replaced by just white and not naturally formed clouds, I remember wanting to walk up a mountain only to be greeted with a sign of warning as it informed that high contamination had been hanging around.

The dense poisonous fog captured on this release however is perfectly safe, not an actual health hazard but more a documentation in poisonous fog progression, sometimes it dives in deep, other times even immersive &overwhelming but it’s always a dense experience. When the fog seemingly does break up a little bit; other human beings could be heard, probably all wandering around pandering with their heads with the question where the blue sky and sun had been lately?

It’s definitely not a sight you’ll find in here, but at least you are not alone in the clouds. Besides once you accept the sky being replaced by such a toxic fog it has something surreal in peaceful form. As if we are in a very large shoebox and can see the entire universe (the roof of the carton) and there is no more stuff behind that, it’s the end of our nifty universe and understanding. That’s a bit how this foggy release works, creating a comfortable zone in which any further sight-seeing or thinking is muted and all you can do is accepting the all absorbing smog in our temporary lives.

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released August 4, 2016




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